New Orleans Style Seafood Riviera Beach Florida

New Orleans Style Seafood Riviera Beach Florida

Even if you’re an avowed carnivore, you can’t help but fall in love with the delectable goodness of Cajun and Crustaceans New Orleans seafood. Be it fried or broiled, swabbed with sauce or grilled over an open wood fire, the seafood we get in these parts is some of the best around.  Fueled by commercial fishing enterprises large and small that troll the Riviera Beach for the top catch, area restaurants deliver seasonal fish, shrimp, oysters and soft shell crab in all manner of creative ways. Shrimp etouffee, soft shell crab po-boys, oysters raw and broiled and jambalaya are just a few of the local favorite dishes, made, not just in restaurants, but at home, shared over a crowded dining room table or enjoyed out back, picnic style.

The Cajun and Crustaceans cross all boundaries, starting with neighborhood po-boy where oysters are flash fried to savory perfection and stuffed into soft French rolls, best enjoyed “dressed”. Then there are the white tablecloth Creole palaces, places where trout and redfish swim in seas of buttery sauces piquant with lemon. And places where the chefs prefer to let the flavor of the fish swim to the surface, choosing to offer local catch simply grilled and fragrant with wood smoke.

The mission of the Cajun and Crustaceans restaurant is “to provide exceptional quality seafood in a thoughtfully crafted, safe and clean environment. Reminiscent of backyard country boils, we encourage community by dining together.

As its name implies, the Cajun and Crustaceans restaurant’s seafood boils are some of its most popular entrees.

The Cajun and Crustaceans restaurant’s menu offers crawfish, shrimp, clams and mussels in its seafood boils, ranging in price from $7.99 to $18.99.

Other entrees include lobster tail, Dungeness, snow and king crab, as well as green and black mussels, clams, oysters, catfish and tilapia. A variety of seafood combos ($23.99 to $30.99) and fried seafood baskets ($11 to $13) are shown on the menu.


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